The 10 Coolest Flash Storage/SSD Products Of 2013

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Dell: Auto-Tiering Between SLC And MLC Flash

Dell's biggest contribution to the flash storage debate was its October introduction of new Compellent storage systems with what it billed as the industry's first intelligent tiered flash storage technology, a move aimed at improving flash performance while bringing the cost down to hard drive levels.

The new tiered flash technology, first unveiled in June at the Dell Enterprise Forum, combines high-speed SLC flash memory with slower but cheaper MLC flash memory. Dell then applies its Data Progression auto-tiering software to automatically tier data between the SLC and MLC flash memory and to hard drives.

As data is ingested, it goes to SLC flash for the highest write performance, and it is then migrated to MLC flash, which costs less but has about the same read performance as SLC.

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