The 10 Coolest Flash Storage/SSD Products Of 2013

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Tegile: Pay-As-You-Grow Hybrid Flash-Disk Arrays

Hybrid flash-disk storage array developer Tegile Systems, Newark, Calif., in November unveiled a new financing option that allows customers to pay only for as much capacity as they actually use on a monthly per-gigabyte basis.

The pay-as-you-grow option for Tegile's hybrid flash-disk arrays is based on the vendor's ability to meter customers' actual capacity utilization and allows the monthly cost of storage to increase or decrease based on capacity used.

For instance, a customer who only uses 10 percent of the array's capacity is billed for 10 percent of that capacity divided by 36, which is the number of months in the contract. If the customer in the following month uses 18 percent of capacity, the monthly rate rises to reflect it.


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