The 10 Coolest Storage Startups Of 2015

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Radian Memory Systems: Reimagined SSD Hardware

CEO: Mike Jadon

Radian Memory Systems, Calabasas, Calif., emerged from stealth mode in August with technology to significantly boost the I/O performance and decrease the latency of conventional SSD hardware.

The company's Symphonic technology combines SSD firmware, host libraries, and an API to replace the Flash-Translation-Layer (FTL) traditionally found on SSDs. It allows the abstraction of lower-level flash attributes while enabling the host system software to directly manage the flash. Symphonic gets around scalability, reliability and serviceability issues of removing the SSD FTL by turning the SSD into an offload accelerator engine, minimizing host system resource consumption and enabling linear scalability across metrics as additional SSDs are added to a system, according to the company. Radian said the solution also cuts costs by removing the need to overprovision flash memory in SSDs.

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