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Q&A: Pure Storage CEO Dietzen Talks About NetApp/SolidFire, Flash Storage Future

Joseph F. Kovar

Pure Storage And A Fast-Changing All-Flash Storage Business

The all-flash storage array business is on fire. The business has been driven first by startups that challenged large incumbent storage vendors with high-performance solutions, dropping flash storage prices so they compete with disk-based storage. But the incumbents -- including EMC, NetApp, HPE, Dell and others -- have responded with acquisitions of some startups or via their own technology, creating a very fluid environment.

Pure Storage, the leading startup, in October became the first startup -- and for now only one -- to complete an IPO. Another startup with traction, SolidFire, is now being acquired by NetApp.

Pure Storage CEO Scott Dietzen recently sat down with CRN for a discussion on NetApp's SolidFire acquisition, competing with the large incumbents like EMC, and continuing consolidation.

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