CRN Exclusive: Veritas CEO On New Strategy, Competitors, And Independence From Symantec

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Veritas' Post-Symantec Vision: Information Management Without The Hardware Vendor Lock-in

On Jan. 29 of this year, Veritas Technologies became an independent data protection and management company after 11 years as a part of Symantec, which acquired the company in 2005. That independence came by way of an acquisition by Washington, D.C.-based investment firm Carlyle Group. Symantec executives and partners told CRN multiple times that that 11-year period was a difficult time for the company's storage business, which never was integrated into Symantec.

Last week's Veritas Vision, the first since Veritas became independent, was the company's chance to show how things have changed since its Symantec days. And the changes were significant. Veritas showed that it had stepped away from a tight focus on protecting and managing data to embrace a forward-facing strategy focusing on information management.

One of the most vocal proponents of the new Veritas was CEO Bill Coleman, who sat with CRN during Veritas Vision to discuss the company's strategy and future.

Here is what Coleman had to say about the new Veritas.

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