Q&A: NetApp CTO Bregman On Data Fabric, Big Acquisitions And 'Weeds' In The EMC Garden

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NetApp Navigates A Sea Of Storage Industry Changes

Two years ago, NetApp looked like a company in decline, with falling sales, and difficulty getting customers transitioned from legacy platforms to a modern storage infrastructure.

Today, the feeling about NetApp has changed dramatically. At last week's NetApp Insight conference, NetApp appeared to have gotten its mojo back, with a focus on future-facing solutions based on flash storage, the cloud, and the company's Data Fabric vision on which it has staked much of its future.

CRN sat down with Mark Bregman (pictured), NetApp's chief technology officer, to talk about how the company is faring in the face of a fast-changing storage and data management industry. Bregman, who joined NetApp last year, is part of the new executive team put in place in the last year-and-a-half by CEO George Kurian.

For a look at how NetApp has changed, and continues to change, to meet fast-changing customer requirements, turn the page.

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