The 10 Coolest Storage Startups Of 2016

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Storage Startups: Many Roads, Many Destinations

The storage industry continues to be fertile ground for entrepreneurs, often serial entrepreneurs, who have a new way to better manage the growing amount of data that businesses collect. It's also a harsh industry, one that does not always forgive investors' mistakes. However, for every Nirvanix that goes out of business, or every Pure Storage that gets its IPO, or every Xangati or QLogic or SolidFire or even EMC that gets acquired, someone else with a new idea steps up to try to take its place.

Not all these startups will succeed. Some of them will draw enough attention to their innovations to get acquisition offers they can't refuse. Others may run out of money and take any offer they can get. Some may just disappear. And every once in a while, one might show the kind of innovation or marketing savvy to truly stand out with enough customer and channel partner interest to one day become a legacy vendor.

For a look at 10 independent storage developers that either came out of stealth or introduced their first solutions during 2016, turn the page.

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