Who Pays The Most Real Estate Taxes? A Look At Homes Of Top Technology Execs

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Where Living Can Reflect Earnings

Where do the tech elite kick back after a long day at the office, or crash after a long trip?

There's no place like home, and some of the visionaries and executives who run the biggest, most influential technology companies in the world have bought or built homes that reflect the wealth they have earned over the years.

So, what's home when you're a Sergey Brin, Michael Dell or Jeff Bezos? Or for legendary billionaires such as Larry Ellison and Bill Gates who have built their companies into tech behemoths?

Some of the homes of your favorite tech execs might surprise you with their glamor. But other leaders have more modest digs.

Using government and real estate websites, as well as published reports, we uncovered information on 23 properties throughout the United States that some of the biggest names in technology call home (and in one other case, used to call home). Here they are, listed in order of their real estate tax bills, from lowest to highest. The data comes from public records and real estate websites.

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