Dell EMC's Goulden And Burton Discuss Software- Vs. Hardware-Defined Storage, Overlapping Storage Lines, And The Future Of Cisco In VxBlock

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What are some other transitions Dell EMC is seeing after the merger?

Burton: I think the two areas that people have poked at and said, 'Oh, Dell EMC are in trouble.' One was all-flash. It’s like, 'Oh, you guys are the kings of disk. You’re never going to make the transition.'

I think by next year, we’ll have more [flash storage] than everyone else combined. I’m convinced with hyper-converged, we’re going to be in a similar position by the time we get into, I don't know what point this year we’re going to reach that point, but we will reach that point. These are the two areas where [people thought there would] be a stake through the heart in there.

Has Dell EMC moved any of its existing storage platforms completely away from disk?

Goulden: The new VMAXes going out are all all-flash. A customer will have to come screaming at us in order for us to sell disk because the economics are just different. ...

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