CRN Exclusive: NetApp's David Wright On SolidFire And Building A New Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

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The Hidden Gem In NetApp's SolidFire: Hyper-converged Infrastructure

When NetApp acquired SolidFire just a little over a year ago, NetApp talked about the unique value of the SolidFire all-flash storage solution, particularly regarding how it applies to the building of hyper-scale, all-flash data center infrastructures. But secretly hidden behind the veil surrounding the two vendors' plans lurked another possibility: Building NetApp's first hyper-converged infrastructure solutions based on SolidFire.

NetApp was a pioneer in converged infrastructure thanks to its long, and successful, FlexPod partnership with Cisco. And FlexPods are also now becoming available using SolidFire's all-flash storage arrays. But NetApp has been slow to hyper-converged, with nothing to show so far except a brief attempt to develop solutions based on VMware's now-discontinued EVO:Rail solution.

That is about to change. NetApp plans to shortly introduce its first real foray into the hyper-converged infrastructure market using SolidFire as a base. Ahead of that announcement, SolidFire founder David Wright used a conversation with CRN to provide some details and talk about why SolidFire is the right choice for NetApp's plans.

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