5 Key Elements Of VMware's 'Containers And Virtual Machines' Strategy

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Sphere Of Influence

Now that container technology has firmly grasped the attention of major IT vendors, VMware is busy making the case that it is an essential part of any enterprise container strategy rather than a likely casualty in the battle for cloud supremacy.

Along with the promise of simplifying and streamlining software development, proponents of container technology also boast of the significant VMware licensing cost savings customers can realize by deploying containers on bare metal.

VMware has been busy fighting this assumption, launching the Pivotal Container Service (PKS) with fellow Dell Technologies family member Pivotal and Google Cloud last month, and arguing that containers work better and are more easily managed when they're inside vSphere virtual machines.

In a recent blog, VMware makes the case that containers deployed inside its vSphere 6.5 outperform those deployed on bare metal. The argument goes hand-in-hand with Dell Technologies Chairman and CEO Michael Dell's assertion that existing VMware customers are fertile ground for solution providers to make PKS sales.

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