CRN Exclusive: HPE President Neri On Why Dell EMC, Cisco And Pure Are Unable To Match HPE Nimble InfoSight's Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

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Neri: HPE Nimble Infosight On 3Par Will Hit Competitors Hard

Hewlett Packard Enterprise President Antonio Neri says the move to make Nimble InfoSight predictive analytics commercially available on 3Par within the next 90 days will take its toll on competitors.

Calling InfoSight the "crown jewels" of HPE's $1 billion acquisition of Nimble, Neri said the artificial intelligence power of the platform provides HPE with a big competitive advantage.

"For the partners this is a big deal because it is a value differentiation so they can position our entire storage portfolio versus Dell EMC," he said. "They don't have this. Cisco has obviously one offer which is called HyperFlex – basically the hyper-converged aspect of this. They don't have composability. Remember we can attach Nimble as well to our Synergy platform as a fabric attach."

As for Pure Storage, Neri said that offering does not scale into the midrange market as Nimble does. "Pure does not scale down into the entry-level market," he said. "It is more of a direct competitor to 3Par. It is not in the Nimble space. That is why the Nimble acquisition makes us incredibly stronger. Now we can offer, from the midrange to the high end, a comprehensive portfolio that Pure can't. "

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