Emerging Vendors 2017: Storage Startups You Need To Know

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Storage Startups, Smarter Storage

In the days when storage systems resided within the data center, the only real attributes that mattered were system capacity, input/output capabilities and cost.

Storing data is much more complicated today with data being stored in on-premise and cloud systems; in primary storage, archival storage, and backup and recovery systems; and in private, public and hybrid cloud systems. The challenge for IT today is tracking, managing, securing and providing access to all that data.

Oh, and the volumes of data continue to grow exponentially, by the way.

The focus of storage technology startups today isn't just on providing ways to store more data (although that's still part of it), but also on providing smarter ways to store data.

Here's a look at 30 emerging vendors in the storage arena that the channel should be aware of.

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