Here Are Dell’s Top 5 Highest-Paid Executives

Four Dell Technologies’ executives were paid more than CEO Michael Dell in fiscal year 2019. CRN breaks down each executive’s salary, bonuses and total compensation.


The Most-Compensated Executives At Dell Technologies In Fiscal Year 2019

Several longtime Dell employees earned more total compensation in fiscal year 2019 than the company’s founder and longtime CEO Michael Dell, according to a review of the company’s annual proxy statement filed with regulators earlier this year.

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Led by Michael Dell, the Round Rock, Texas-based company has consistently transformed itself for more than three decades into a $91 billion infrastructure behemoth and the worldwide market share leader in servers, storage and hyper-converged infrastructure. In a historic move, Dell Technologies’ entered the public market in late 2018, following a $24 billion cash and equity deal through a VMware stock swap, marking the first time since 2013 that Dell is a public company.

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CRN reviewed Dell’s proxy filed May 29 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to find out who the top five most compensated executives were in fiscal year 2019, which ended Feb. 1, 2019. According to the SEC filing, the annual total compensation for Dell’s median employee was approximately $88,500.

CRN breaks down each executive’s salary, bonuses, stock awards, non-equity incentive plan compensation – which is typically based on performance– as well as all other compensation which includes things like retirement plans matching contribution and benefit plans.

5. Michael Dell

Chairman, CEO, Founder

Total Compensation: $3,623,801

Michael Dell founded Dell in 1984 inside his dorm room at the University of Texas in Austin. Over the past 35 years, Dell has been consistently evolving his company to keep up with the rapidly changing IT market, including the blockbuster $67 billion acquisition of EMC and VMware in 2016.

Michael Dell, 54, had the highest salary of any Dell executive in fiscal year 2019 at $950,000, which has stayed the same since fiscal year 2017. In terms of non-equity incentive plan compensation, Dell received $2.66 million, up from $1.79 million in fiscal year 2018. All other compensation for Dell total around $14,000.

Dell was the only person in his company’s top five highest-paid executives who did not received a bonus. The CEO also didn’t receive any money in stock awards in fiscal year 2019. However, it is key to note that Michael Dell is the largest individual shareholder of Dell stock. According to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index, which is a daily ranking and calculation of the world’s richest people, Michael Dell is currently the 28th richest person on the planet, worth an estimated $30.6 billion.

4. Thomas Sweet

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Total Compensation: $4,228,918

Ranking fourth in total compensation, Dell CFO Thomas Sweet played a critical role in taking the company public late last year. Sweet joined Dell in 1997, taking on a variety of executive finance and accounting roles for the company over the past 22 years. He became executive vice president and CFO for Dell in 2014, responsible for the company’s finances including accounting, planning and analysis, investor relations and corporate strategy.

Sweet’s salary for fiscal year 2019 was $725,000 which was the same as fiscal year 2018. The CFO also received a bonus of $2.25 million, up from the $2 million year over year. In terms of non-equity incentive plan compensation, Sweet generated $1.22 million, an increase from $784,000 compared to fiscal year 2018. All other compensation for Sweet totaled $36,000.

3. Jeff Clarke

Vice Chairman, Product and Operations

Total Compensation: $6,446,068

Jeff Clarke has been one of the most influential executives at Dell over the years, leading the company’s charge to revamp and reorganize its Infrastructure Solutions Group which includes Dells’ market leading server and storage business. Clarke, vice chairman, Products and Operations, joined Dell in 1987 and holds one of the longest tenures at the company. The 32-year Dell veteran heads product engineering, design and development as well as overseeing global manufacturing and supply chain.

In fiscal year 2019, Clarke’s salary was $851,000, up slightly year over year from $847,000. Dell’s vice chairman received a $4 million bonus in 2019, up from a $3 billion bonus in the prior year. In terms of non-equity incentive plan compensation, Clarke generated $1.55 million, up from $995,000 year over year. All other compensation for Clarke totaled $46,000.

2. Bill Scannell

President, Global Enterprise Sales and Customer Operations

Total Compensation: $6,498,418

Bill Scannell continues to play a key role in driving channel partner sales as president of global enterprise sales and customer operations, leading Dell’s Enterprise Partner Preferred Program. He told CRN earlier this year that Dell will “win or lose with our partners.” Scannell is a longtime EMC executive, first joining the former storage leader in 1986. After Dell acquired EMC in 2016, Scannell became responsible for leading the company’s worldwide enterprise and public institution sales teams.

Scannell’s salary was $725,000 for fiscal year 2019, in addition to receiving a $4.67 million bonus. His non-equity incentive plan compensation was $1.07 million, while all other compensation totaled $41,000. There was no salary or compensation figures available in the SEC filing for Scannell for fiscal year 2018.

1. Allison Dew

Chief Marketing Officer

Total Compensation: $13,415,879

Dell Technologies Chief Marketing Officer Allison Dew was the highest compensated executive in fiscal year 2019 at nearly $13.5 million. Dew became CMO at Dell in April 2018, becoming responsible for the company’s global marketing organization and strategy. Since joining Dell in 2008, she has been instrumental in the company’s marketing transformation, leading an emphasis on data-driven marketing, customer understanding and integrated planning.

Dew led in total compensation thanks to stock awards granted to her in fiscal 2019 totaling $11.14 million. None of the other top five highest paid Dell executives on this list received a stock award, which is compensation in the form of stock.

Dew’s salary was $486,000 and she received a $1 million bonus in fiscal year 2019. Her non-equity incentive plan compensation was $773,000, while all other compensation totaled $14,000. There was no salary or compensation figures available in the SEC filing for Dew for fiscal year 2018.