The 20 Coolest Data Management Companies: The 2020 Storage 100

The 20 coolest data management vendors of the Storage 100 ensure that the right data is available as needed.

Before data can be turned into information, it needs to be managed across on-premises and public, private and hybrid clouds.

These companies are focused on ways to manage copies, data life cycles, adherence to governance and regulatory concerns, and more to ensure the right data is available as needed.

Here are the 20 coolest data management companies of the 2020 Storage 100.


Ash Ashutosh

Founder, CEO

Actifio’s multi-cloud copy data management software platform provides life-cycle management of virtual copies of data in their native format, with full application awareness and global data mobility. The platform’s APIs allow it to seamlessly integrate with third-party IT service management tools, DevOps tools, or custom-built scripts and applications.


Christof Zihlmann


AgileStorage is the developer of a storage hypervisor platform, based on a storage operating system designed by the former metro-cluster development team members at NetApp. It features a flexible, containerized storage engine for agility, and delivers real virtualization of storage and seamless integration into an IT infrastructure.


Adrian Knapp

Founder, CEO

With Active Archive unstructured data management specialist Aparavi provides direct-to-cloud data transfer as well as enhanced data classification, tagging and search. Multi-cloud management capabilities include bulk data migration across clouds to help smooth the journey toward multi-cloud deployments.


Mohit Aron

Founder, CEO

Cohesity is a channel-focused provider of a single webscale data management platform to help businesses manage the vast majority of their data from backups, file shares, object stores, and test/dev and analytics. The company in February expanded its platform to remote office/branch office (ROBO) environments.


Sanjay Mirchandani

Director, President, CEO

When Commvault’s new CEO, Sanjay Mirchandani, last year took over the company, he transformed it from mainstream data protection into a nimble, channel-focused developer of data management and cloud-based technology, and led the company’s first acquisition, Hedvig, to bring softwaredefined data management front and center.


Ian Leysen

Co-Founder, CEO

Datadobi’s enterprise-class software helps businesses transition to new storage technology quickly and safely and to protect their unstructured data on any NAS or any cloud. The company’s software targets the migration of NAS data, while DobiReplicate and DobiSync protect unstructured data wherever it lives.

Data Dynamics

Piyush Mehta


Data Dynamics is the developer of StorageX, an application that applies analytics to help businesses uncover hidden data assets, unlocks and migrates data from any vendor or technology to any other, replicates and archives data, and controls, manages and collapses file resources to improve file system utilization and management.


Guy Churchward


Datera builds a software-based data services platform for powering high-performance application environments at global scale with full data orchestration and automation. It runs on standard x86 servers with a heterogeneous mix of persistent memory and flash and disk media to enable a wide spectrum of price/performance for any application.


Vineet Jain


Egnyte provides a simple, secure vendor-neutral SaaS platform for managing enterprise content and collaboration across business applications and storage repositories. It enables a cohesive approach with enterprise-grade security to content governance, privacy, compliance and workflow automation through a turnkey, cloud-based offering.


Kiran Bhageshpur


Igneous provides SaaS-based data discovery and protection for file and object data across any NAS and cloud environment and for any workflow. Its DataDiscover offering provides data visibility into billions of files across multiple locations, and DataProtect backs up and archives that data at petabyte scale.


Kumar Goswami


A developer of intelligent data management technology, Komprise helps businesses handle the incoming tsunami of data with intelligent automation software and analytics-driven data management that help customers move and control their data to save costs and extract more business value from that data.


Peter Thompson

Co-Founder, CEO

Cloud-native file services technology developer LucidLink helps businesses overcome latency challenges in accessing files over distances with a file streaming service that allows cloud storage to be used as if it is local storage. LucidLink Filespaces breaks large files into small objects for efficient delivery and streaming.


Evan Powell

Chairman, CEO

MayaData develops container attached storage for Kubernetes. The MayaData OpenEBS enterprise platform ties together the leading open-source container-attached storage, OpenEBS, with OpenEBS Director, Litmus Chaos Engineering and Proactive Support.

Morro Data

Paul Tien

Founder, CEO

Morro Data offers a hybrid cloud architecture with caching gateway and a global file system. Its CloudNAS platform modernizes enterprise storage to sync, lock and protect office documents and design files with a cloud-first approach while continuing to present a fast, secure and familiar NAS interface to users.


Paul Flanagan

President, CEO

Nasuni UniFS cloud file services technology moves the data structures of a file system from hardware to the cloud for a cloud-native global file system. UniFS scales globally while offering access from any location and support for any performance level, all with single-pane-of-glass management.


Murli Thirumale

Co-Founder, CEO

Portworx develops technology for running stateful containers in production. It lets users manage any database or stateful service on any infrastructure using any container scheduler, all while providing persistence, high availability, data automation, security and support for multiple data stores and infrastructures.

Quest Software

Michael Kohlsdorf


Quest helps manage and protect data, stay compliant, and govern identities across the enterprise. Its Metalogix line provides content migration, management and data governance for Office 365, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint, while Recovery Manager provides disaster recovery for Active Directory, Office 365 and Exchange.


Björn Kolbeck

Co-Founder, CEO

Quobyte builds a distributed file system that turns servers into a massively scalable software storage system. The product eliminates data silos by utilizing commodity hard drives, solid state drives and NVM (non-volatile memory), providing unified, multi-interface access with common authentication and access control lists.


William Largent

Chairman, CEO

Veeam develops an integrated platform for protecting and managing data in on-premises and cloud environments. The Veeam Availability Suite automates the processes associated with data protection, recovery, monitoring, ransomware protection and compliance, and scales for cloud, virtual and physical workloads.


Greg Hughes


Veritas provides backup and recovery, business continuity, software-defined storage and information governance across nearly any customer on-premises and cloud environment. Veritas in 2019 acquired Aptare, which brought its industry-leading predictive analytics software for multivendor backup, storage and virtual infrastructures.