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The 25 Most Influential Executives Of 2021

CRN Staff

These 25 CEOs offered solution providers much-needed partnership at a time when the channel needed it most.

The Influencers

As the pace of digital transformation has gone into overdrive during the pandemic, strong leadership has become more essential than ever in the IT industry. For our list of the 25 Most Influential Executives of 2021, we’ve selected leaders who’ve been making an outsized impact during this turbulent period through a combination of exceptional vision, know-how and execution.

All of these leaders have been driving hard to capture the accelerating demand for new technologies—with a focus on innovating in their products and services, reinventing their ways of doing business and moving quickly to adapt to the changing market environment.

Crucially, these leaders have all brought a focus on working closely with solution provider partners in order to help customers across industries to digitally transform.

What follows is our list of the 25 Most Influential Executives of 2021.

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