5 Unanswered Questions About VMware's Hybrid Cloud Service

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Where Will vCloud Hybrid Service Run?

VMware executives have made it clear that vCloud Hybrid Service will be provided by VMware. Does that mean VMware -- which has been a software vendor from day one -- is going to start building data centers to run it?

CEO Pat Gelsinger (pictured) told The Wall Street Journal last week that VMware will run the service using partners' data centers. OK, which ones? VMware currently has 211 service providers offering vCloud services in 31 countries, so there are plenty of candidates.

It's also possible VMware could be building a subset of the infrastructure for vCloud Hybrid Service, like a test environment to show how it all works. Last August, when CRN first reported the existence of an IaaS-related initiative code-named Project Zephyr, sources said VMware had purchased a large amount of data center space in Nevada and was using it to run the service.


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