5 Unanswered Questions About VMware's Hybrid Cloud Service

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Is VMware Going To Compete With Its Partners?

In last week's meeting with Wall Street investors, Eschenbach (pictured) went to great lengths to paint vCloud Hybrid Service as a channel-friendly offering. "We're not going to do it alone," he said at the event. "We think it's critical for VMware and partners to bring this to market together."

VMware plans to offer a vCloud Hybrid Service SKU through distribution that partners can sell, and it's also planning to let partners handle billing and invoicing for the service. This latter point is hugely important to the channel, as Microsoft -- which only recently began letting its partners do this -- can attest.

VMware also plans to share its vCloud Hybrid Service intellectual property with service provider partners. No word yet on what VMware will charge for this, but it looks like a move calculated to keep these partners from getting peeved about VMware's entry to public cloud IaaS.


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