5 Unanswered Questions About VMware's Hybrid Cloud Service

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VMware's Public Cloud IaaS Debut

VMware's vCloud Hybrid Service, slated for launch in June, is designed as a way for customers to move private cloud workloads to the public cloud in a way that's palatable to enterprises. The service brings VMware's management, orchestration, networking and security model to the wilds of the public cloud, and the vendor hopes customers will gravitate to it as a "safer" alternative to Amazon.

While not an Amazon killer per se, vCloud Hybrid Service is VMware's bid to carve out space in a marketplace it has addressed exclusively through its partners. VMware has good reason to tread carefully, as it has spent the past several years building a partner ecosystem to deliver public cloud services, and would presumably want to keep that intact.

Last week's revelation looks like a major change in strategy, but VMware executives tiptoed around the most poignant questions. Following are five unanswered questions that are most pressing for the vendor's partners at the moment.


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