VMware's Chief Architect: Don't Be Scared Of SDN, Be Prepared

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Did a similar fear emerge with the rise of compute or server virtualization?

I think compute virtualization snuck in in the still of the night. People did not understand the magnitude of the change. VMware pretty much created this industry. And the initial pitch was server consolidation, which is a very simple pitch. It's 'instead of having two servers, you can have one.'

But what it ended up doing is transforming the way we actually manage and operate computers, and then saved tens of billions of dollars a year for customers. So it snuck in in the still of the night and then it changed the world.

So I think everybody realizes the potential of network virtualization. I think when it comes out, it's going to come out loud. It's not sneaking up on anybody. And I think it's a good thing. It's going to come quicker and it's going to hit a lot harder.


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