VAR ASG Takes Over San Diego Zoo For Customer Party

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ASG Zoo Night: This VAR Knows How To Party!

Advanced Systems Group (ASG), a Denver-based solution provider, in early August held its annual customer appreciation party at the San Diego Zoo.

This was a most unique family-oriented event. Unlike most vendor- or VAR-held customer events, there were no speeches extolling the virtues of working with ASG or its vendor sponsors. Instead, customers of ASG and their families were treated to great food, great door prizes, plenty of alcohol (and sodas for the kids), and, of course, plenty of time to wander the world-famous San Diego Zoo.

Want to see how to leave customers and their families happy on a Friday night? First, put on some good zoo music, like "All Of The Monkeys Ain't In The Zoo". Then turn the page and enjoy your virtual attendance at the ASG Zoo Night.


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