The 10 Biggest Virtualization Stories Of 2013

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8. Software-Defined Data Center Becomes A Thing

While VMware coined the term "software-defined data center," the idea behind it is something all enterprise vendors are talking about these days. That's because virtualizing networks, storage and security are seen as the last barriers to a full-on cloud experience that takes IT to the next level of efficiency.

A big part of VMware's vision for SDDC is called vSAN, a storage feature currently in beta that combines its own in-house technology with that of storage startup Virsto, which it acquired earlier this year. Ask any VMware partner about vSAN and it becomes immediately apparent how potentially huge this technology could be.

VMware vSAN pools together storage capacity from Flash and solid-state drives and lets it function as a virtual storage area network. Because software handles the heavy lifting, admins can set policies for how storage is allocated through a simple process akin to setting up a virtual machine.

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