21 Game-Changing Tips For Success In 2014

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1. Treat Everyone With Respect

MCPc Chairman and CEO Mike Trebilcock (pictured) said the secret to success for the Cleveland-based national solution provider, which has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 20 percent for the past several years, is the company's culture of respect.

"We treat our partners, our customers and our employees all the same," said Trebilcock. "You treat each other with respect. You are in it together. We put everyone on one [level] plane and treat everybody as human beings, just like you would treat your friends.

"It's a culture of respect and fairness," he said. "It is something we are quite proud of. We have been able to keep that culture [for 50 years]. It is a culture of 'Manners Matters.' It's as simple as that.

That's a game-changer. You have to have the right people and the right attitude. We can teach them the skill sets in many cases."

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