21 Game-Changing Tips For Success In 2014

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21. Focus On Customer Satisfaction

Focus on customer satisfaction rather than sales targets, said Treblicock. In fact, MCPc has won the Cisco Gold Star in customer satisfaction scores for an amazing 15 consecutive quarters. "Customer satisfaction is our culture, he said. "We saw many companies go belly-up because it wasn't that important to do the projects right. They were more focused on making money. We were more focused on whether customers were happy."

When MCPc runs into problems, it steps up to the plate for customers to solve the problem. "Technology is fickle, so we throw cash and people at bad situations immediately," said Treblicock. "It absolutely affects the profitability of the transaction. But the culture and brand is doing what's right."

MCPc has 420 employees with 75 solution architects and engineers and over 30 dedicated virtualization architects, and 70 account managers. All in all, MCPc has 140 associates with more than 1,200 certifications.

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