10 Cool Hybrid On-Prem/Cloud Data Protection Solutions For SMBs

Bundling Data Safety For SMBs

What could be better than having either an appliance on-site to handle high-speed backups and recoveries or a cloud to where data can be replicated for disaster recovery? How about both.

Multiple storage vendors are bundling the two together as an integrated package that offers high-speed local backups and recovery and the ability to recover operations in the cloud in case disaster strikes the local data center. While the hardware and cloud may either come from the same vendor or from two companies partnering on the solution, the solution is already pre-tested and ready to deploy.

Turn the page for a look at 10 of these hybrid solutions.

Barracuda Backup

Barracuda Backup is an integrated software, appliance and off-site cloud replication solution for protecting both physical and virtual environments. The solution integrates with copy file sync and share services, and supports replication to another Barracuda appliance for private-cloud data protection or transfer to the Barracuda Cloud. The software features backup and recovery, inline deduplication, virtual machine integration, replication and offsite vaulting.

Barracuda offers several appliances with varying capacity and performance. The newest model, the Barracuda Backup 290, includes 1 TB of usable storage. List price starts at $1,499 for the appliance or $1,799 per year when bundled with the company's cloud storage.

Carbonite Appliance HT10

Boston-based Carbonite, which over the last couple years has moved from its consumer cloud storage roots to focus on business users, this year unveiled its first hybrid solution including an on-premise appliance with the company's cloud service.

The Carbonite Appliance HT10 provides partners and their small business clients with 1 TB of local storage and 500 GBs of cloud storage with no additional hardware fees, upfront costs or per-server license fees. The bare metal recovery feature restores the full system including operating systems, applications and data to new or existing hardware. Data is transferred using SSL encryption and protected with AES-256 encryption.

CTERA Cloud Storage Gateways

Palo Alto, Calif.-based CTERA was a pioneer in the development of hybrid on-premise and cloud storage solutions, particularly for small business and SOHO users. Its cloud storage gateways protect servers, desktops and mobile PCs with automated scheduled local and cloud backup, file-level or disk-level backups, block-level deduplication and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine backups and restores.

The solution supports Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems, and provides application-aware support for Microsoft's Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and Active Discovery. Partners can help customers set up user quotas, role-based user management and thin-provisioned snapshots.

Datto NAS

The Datto NAS from Norwalk, Conn.-based Datto syncs data from the company's local NAS appliance to the Datto cloud. The appliance features from 500 GB to 60 TB of local capacity and up to 128 GB of memory, along with hot-swappable drive bays to let MSPs do on-site field upgrades.

Backups are synced on-premise and in the cloud to make sure it is available even after a disaster. The company's software provides bandwidth management, local restoration and full cloud data copies. As documents are shared, the solution takes snapshots of the data so it can be rolled back to previous versions of anything being worked on.

eFolder BDR for ShadowProtect

eFolder BDR for ShadowProtect from Atlanta-based eFolder is a backup and disaster recovery service that combines the StorageCraft ShadowProtect image-based, bare-metal backup software from Draper, Utah-based StorageCraft with eFolder's technology for online backup to the cloud and global monitoring, an on-site appliance for near instant virtualization of backed up servers and the ability to virtualize servers in the cloud for emergency recoveries.

With eFolder BDR for ShadowProtect, the StorageCraft ShadowProtect software backs up image-based, bare-metal versions of the servers locally and to the eFolder Storage Cloud. In an emergency, a restore can be done locally from the appliance or to a remote site via the cloud.

EVault Plug-n-Protect

The EVault Plug-n-Protect all-in-one backup and recovery appliance provides a complete onsite data protection solution, including San Francisco-based EVault's disk-based data protection appliance, efficient and secure data transfers, centralized management and global data deduplication. Customers and partners can then add the EVault Offsite Replication Service to automatically replicate backups to the EVault cloud. The result is an integrated solution from a single vendor which provides pay-as-you-grow capacity licensing, unlimited agents and plug-ins along with software, appliances and the cloud as needed.

ExaGrid Secure Hybrid Cloud for DR

ExaGrid, of Westborough, Mass., is partnering with Dallas-based ATScloud for its Secure Hybrid Cloud for DR. The partnership combines ExaGrid's on-premise backup appliances with ATScloud's hosted cloud solution. The partnership gives customers a hybrid cloud infrastructure for backup and disaster recovery they can pay for on a per-month basis.

The solution, called Secure BDRcloud, lets customers replicate their onsite backups to the ATScloud infrastructure located in a fully managed Tier IV data center environment, all with no up-front costs.

Infrascale Hardware-as-a-Service

Los Angeles-based Infrascale this summer added data protection appliances to its cloud-based data protection solution as part of what it calls its Hardware-as-a-Service offering.

Infrascale cloud-based data protection platform lets solution providers and managed services providers offer backup and recovery services to customers, and the addition of an appliance line will help such partners offer on-premise, backup appliances for their customers with large data centers or with data which when lost needs to be recovered quickly. The cost of the appliance is included in the data protection service.

Quantum DXi and Q-Cloud

The Quantum Q-Cloud Protect service from San Jose, Calif.-based Quantum works with the company's DXi cloud gateways including the DXi6900 (pictured) to form a hybrid approach to cloud-based data protection.

The DXi Cloud gateway, either physical or virtual, provides a full local copy of data residing on a DXi-Series dedupe appliance for fast local access with data on the Q-Cloud for disaster recovery. As an alternative, customers can also use Quantum’s free DXi Accent plug-in to send changed blocks of data to the Q-Cloud for a monthly capacity fee.

Unitrends No Limits Cloud

Burlington, Mass.-based Unitrends offers two on-premise backup appliances in its Recovery series that can be used in conjunction with its No Limits Cloud as a complete hybrid data protection solution.

The Unitrends Recovery-312 is a small desktop appliance that supports small businesses or small remote offices with 2 TB of capacity in a RAID 1 configuration with deduplication. The Unitrends Recovery-313 includes backup, archiving and disaster recovery capabilities for up to 3 TB of data and applications. The No Limits Cloud replicates the appliances to the Unitrends Cloud so that, in the event of disaster or catastrophic failure, a company can recover to a secondary site or spin up in the cloud.