Tech 10: Making 'Software-Defined' A Reality

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Getting Ready For the Software-defined Data Center

Building a software-defined data center is not easy. There are none available for purchase. Indeed, the idea combining software with commodity hardware to replicate the compute, storage, networking, and other vital functions of the modern data center may not yet be even possible.

However, that is not stopping vendors and channel partners from trying to build data center infrastructures offering the flexibility of a cloud. All the parts needed to build a software-defined data center are available, and some of them have even been tested to work with each other. The truth remains, though, that the building of such data center infrastructures is still very much a work in progress.

CRN is offering for your reading pleasure a list of 10 companies and their solutions which represent the kind of partners solution providers can turn to for help in starting to build software-defined data centers.

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