The Future Is Now: 10 Hot Products And Solutions From HPE

HPE At The Technology Forefront

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which heads into its first ever Global Partner Conference as a separate company this week, is a nimbler company with a reignited innovation engine and a charged-up partner community.

This is evident in the products the company is offering right now and the big bets it's making in the future. From hyper-converged to wireless to the cloud, HPE's reduced cycle time means partners have the most up-to-date products and solutions available. HPE is also making major investments into the Internet of Things, Synergy Composable Infrastructure and The Machine.

Here's a look at 10 products and solutions that show HPE is sharpening its focus on the next generation of technology.

ProLiant Easy Connect EC200A: Hyper-Converged For Strategic Service Providers

HPE's ProLiant Easy Connect EC200a is an entry-level hyper-converged infrastructure appliance aimed at accelerating the strategic service provider business model. The appliance helps partners avoid the hassle of security patches and updates via a subscription model.

Proliant DL380, HC 380

The DL380 is the workhorse of HPE's general-purpose server business. The DL380 forms the foundation of the hot-selling hyper-converged superstar HC 380.

Leading The Storage Industry: 3Par

HP and HPE have turned 3Par from a boutique provider of low volume, high-performance and very expensive storage to one of the industry's leading storage platforms that spans from entry level to enterprise class.

Aruba: Wireless Powerhouse

Its 2015 acquisition of Aruba vaulted HPE into a leadership role in wireless networking and security. The company's new suite of integrated networking and software offerings targets the rise of digitization, bring-your-own-device and the Internet of Things.

Helion Cloud Suite Takes Aim At Cloud Orchestration, Automation

HPE is positioning Helion as the premier hybrid cloud platform. HPE's first-ever Helion Cloud Suite software offering, introduced in June, provides a multivendor hybrid cloud orchestration, automation, monitoring and management platform. The suite, which comes in three versions, takes advantage of the huge installed base of virtualized HPE ProLiant and blade systems.

The Machine

Nothing says the future at HPE like The Machine, a project aimed at developing a high-performance computer based on a completely new architecture. That architecture is based on "Memory-Driven Computing." That means eventually providing hundreds of petabytes of fast, persistent memory, which first requires the development of memory that is both fast and persistent.

Synergy Composable Infrastructure

HPE is prepping for a new way to build IT infrastructure that can be configured on-the-fly depending on workloads. That offering, called Synergy Composable Infrastructure, brings together compute, storage and network fabric into one platform with software-defined intelligence and a unifiedAPI to "compose" these resource pools. Synergy Composable Infrastructure can be reconfigured via software-defined intelligence to present the necessary resources to run applications when needed.

Edgeline: Targeting The Internet Of Things

HPE placed its stake in the burgeoning Internet of Things market with the introduction of its first Edgeline IoT systems. The Edgeline systems, which resulted from a joint HPE and Intel partnership, sit at the network edge to provide real-time data aggregation and analysis. They run on Windows 10 and were certified for the Microsoft Azure IoT suite.

Stackato: Multicloud Application Development

HPE acquired the Stackato Platform-as-a-Service technology to replace its prior Helion Development Platform, and has never looked back. Stackato 4.0 is HPE's biggest bet yet to deliver a full multivendor cloud application development platform for its Helion hybrid cloud offering.

HPE Cloudline: Scaling Up

The HPE Cloudline server portfolio targets service providers looking to build and operate massively scaled data centers and was built using hardware and software products based on open-source technologies.