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5 Steps On Dell EMC Hyper-Convergence Chief Sakac's Map To The Cloud

Matt Brown

Dell's Hyper-Converged Strategy

Chad Sakac, head of Dell EMC's Converged Platforms Division, is laying out a strategy for how the company will play in the storage and server market to take advantage of what the company estimates to be an $85 billion opportunity.

According to Dell EMC estimates Sakac shared in a recent Virtual Geek blog post, the storage and server market is expected to be growing at an annual rate of about 18 percent by 2019. The challenge, Sakac said, is that while the market's momentum is shifting toward turnkey systems, traditional build-your-own systems still dominate and account for nearly the entire server and storage market.

As customers move from the build-your-own model to the turnkey model, Sakac argued, "you inherently trade off flexibility for outcome, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong, delusional or trying to sell you something."

For Sakac, that means Dell EMC has to cover the entire spectrum because getting it wrong is painful for both the vendor and its customers. Click through to see how Sakac intends to guide customers from the old school to the new school.

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