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Clash Of The SD-WAN Titans: VeloCloud Founder Uppal On Huge Customer Savings And Why Legacy Router Vendors Should Feel Threatened

Sanjay Uppal tells CRN the pace at which enterprises are deploying SD-WAN is unprecedented in the history of the market, and is rivaled only by the cost savings driving the rapid adoption.

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To what extent is the competitive landscape heating up, and to what extent is it an API battle?

I have a deep respect for my competitors. There are a lot of smart people out there that have looked at SD-WAN and have come up with their own solutions. We believe ours is the best, but there are many players out there. The battle between virtual services run on the cloud vs. people trying to do on-prem better, an incremental improvement over what was done in the past, that's really what the battle is. There are folks that are existing router-based players who are always trying to protect their legacy, even though they might say they're channel-first. The size of the market is so large that it will attract investment and there are many players out there and I believe there will be consolidation as we move along… API battle… Is it a platform battle? Yes. Long-term, it's really the company that has the best platform vision that is going to win. SD-WAN will solve problems today, no doubt. How do you really take the fact that there's an overlay technology and as you go you can put on virtual services from security to analytics to machine learning to artificial intelligence… the company that comes up with the best platform is going to win. VMware is the leader in the virtualization space. That's what they've done on the compute side. We're repeating it on the network side.

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