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Clash Of The SD-WAN Titans: VeloCloud Founder Uppal On Huge Customer Savings And Why Legacy Router Vendors Should Feel Threatened

Sanjay Uppal tells CRN the pace at which enterprises are deploying SD-WAN is unprecedented in the history of the market, and is rivaled only by the cost savings driving the rapid adoption.

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Has there been a bigger revenue opportunity for the channel in the last decade?

MSPs have benefited. Service providers have lost ground, but have gained ground in other areas. Overall, everyone wants to move up the stack, to touch the application layer, not just the networking people, but all the way into the strategy offices, the CMO, the CEO of these enterprises. At a large retailer I visited two years ago. I walked into the meeting and they were talking about several thousand branch offices, and they were presenting this new strategy of SD-WAN, and then the CEO walked into the meeting. Later on, they said the CEO has never walked into a meeting where wide-area networking was being discussed. It illustrated to me the shift that is happening and how it is becoming relevant to the strategic part of the house for the enterprise. Because the product is becoming a virtual service, anyone who aligns themselves with the virtual service will see the benefit. Several partners have jumped on it from the early days, and they're reaping the benefit. You're going to see it touching other parts of the partner network, as well. VeloCloud has become part of VMware. Dell is very much part of that equation. From a distribution standpoint, when this becomes really widely available, then two-tiered distribution comes in and that part of the partner equation will also start benefiting from SD-WAN coming in.

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