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Scale Computing CEO Jeff Ready: ‘As Goes Symantec, So Goes VMware’

O’Ryan Johnson

‘How many times have they seen a big company that says, ‘Oh, yes. We have a history of selling direct to enterprises and Fortune 500 accounts, but don’t worry, we love the channel.’ Right. That is a story as old as the channel,’ Scale Computing CEO Jeff Ready says.

Ready For Battle

Scale Computing CEO Jeff Ready compares competing against VMware to trying to dethrone Coca-Cola as the most popular soft drink.

“People say who’s your No. 1 competitor? I always say VMware,” Ready said. “It’s effectively the incumbent. When Red Bull came out, the main competitor was Coke. Now of course, everyone has an energy drink, but the point was you had to get someone to stop drinking Coke and to drink the Red Bull.”

With the news two weeks ago that Broadcom is moving to acquire VMware in a $61 billion bid to boost its software business, Ready believes the market is about to ride the bull, and Scale Computing will look preferable to New Coke.

“All the other folks that compete with VMware in some capacity, or for that matter, folks who keep up with Broadcom in some capacity are going to be coming up with statements and positioning and doing different kinds of programs to try and capitalize, on this deal,” Ready said. “The one thing I can say about Scale is my message doesn’t have to change. I’ve been telling you that VMware is old, overpriced stuff for a long time, right? And now, it’s going to be older and more overpriced.”

VMware partners have responded critically to news of the deal, while even some VMware executives have said they understand the market’s concern given Broadcom’s history following acquisitions. But President of Broadcom Software Thomas Krause said he is ready to “embrace the channel” along with spending big on research and development.

Ready said the deal is going to be a windfall for Scale Computing, and his position in the market, as he expects flights of users to leave VMware if a deal with Broadcom goes through.

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