Arrowsphere offers a superior xaas marketplace experience Sponsored

ArrowSphere Offers A Superior XaaS Marketplace Experience

Katie Bavoso

While it boasts dozens of powerful features, Jeramey James, former partner and current director of Global Business Development, says the value of ArrowSphere comes down to two key points; simplicity and scalability.

Arrow’s award-winning cloud delivery and management platform, ArrowSphere, drives enablement for partners of any size who want more control and insight over their licenses, all while scaling on-demand to match the pace of business.

The platform provides partners with a powerful tool designed to serve their end customers’ subscription commerce needs quickly and efficiently. In addition, ArrowSphere provides invaluable insight through analytics so partners can anticipate a customer’s future needs as demand changes over time.

While it boasts dozens of powerful features, Jeramey James, former partner and current director of Global Business Development, says the value of ArrowSphere comes down to two key points. “ArrowSphere enables our customers to (1) simplify their operations and (2) scale their business. Channel partners who utilize it find that their time is freed up to focus on value-added activities, leading to differentiation and growth.”

James also points to the unique way ArrowSphere handles provisioning: “Upon purchase of a subscription offering, ArrowSphere allows our customers to provision that product instantaneously. Moreover, with all the reporting and analytics in the platform, it allows the partner to see what happened in real-time.”

Increasing Subscription Revenue while Simplifying Experience

For partners, perhaps the most compelling aspect of ArrowSphere is its ability to increase subscription commerce velocity by enabling them to create sales tools unique to the end customer.

Each custom marketplace can include unlimited vendor products—either selected from Arrow’s extensive catalog or the products partners contract with directly. The channel partners can even add their own solutions and services and combine them together to create product bundles that maximize revenue. For every offering, the channel partner defines the pricing and promotion rules by SKU and/or by customer.

Simultaneously, end customers can begin purchasing and provisioning products the moment they log in to their portal. Because they’re able to manage the products they’ve purchased, end customers can easily increase or decrease seats and licenses as their businesses change over time. Ultimately, this self-service capability increases flexibility and agility for the end-user while decreasing the cost to serve the partner.

Education and Assistance are Built-in

Since 2019, Microsoft has been working to improve the NCE platform. However, while new and improved tools are always welcome, the added functionality often brings with it a steep learning curve.

Arrow has kept pace with these changes and has built industry-leading functionality within the platform to help simplify the transition and ongoing management of NCE products. They further guided NCE adoption by providing GTM support to channel partners so they could realize value immediately. This included in-platform support through the platform’s Knowledge Center, open office hours and free Microsoft assessments, global webinars, thought leadership articles and platform demos.

Partners can also contact their Arrow representative directly to ask questions, schedule training and request additional features that will propel their advancement in the subscription commerce market.

To learn more about ArrowSphere and how Arrow enables partners to accelerate their cloud growth please visit

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