Scalable Solutions for a Changing Landscape

The threat of cyber-attacks has grown exponentially over the last 25 years. Kaspersky has the solutions to help any size MSP, whether they are beginning to offer security services to their clients or have plans to scale to an MSSP.


The looming threat of cyber-attackers is a major problem for businesses of all sizes. That said, these problems give vendors the opportunity to deliver powerful solutions.

Kaspersky’s Trevor Serebro, MSP account manager in North America, describes how threats and attacks have increased exponentially over the last three decades.

“In 1994, there was about one new virus every hour. By 2006, there was one new virus every minute, and then by 2011, we were seeing one new virus every second. Before the pandemic, we were detecting somewhere around 380,000 per day. And right now, we‘re tracking at about 420,000-plus per day.”

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This proliferation of threats makes this the opportune time for MSPs to begin offering cybersecurity services.

Serebro says that the first step is to make investments in the right technology. “They‘ve got to make sure that they’re partnering with the right vendors to provide the best possible solutions for their customers, and they want to make sure that those vendors have great support, competitive pricing and good solutions.”

Once the technology is in place, the MSP structure makes it easy to scale to clients of all sizes. Kaspersky’s powerful solutions implement easily and grow with the MSP.

“The benefit of working with Kaspersky is that you can migrate from an MSP to an MSSP and everything in between,” Serebro says. “We can help you expand the number of nodes you‘re protecting, and we can add services such as 24/7 analyst monitoring, incident response services, dark web services and remediation services. Our wide range of products will help the MSP build those layers of security and increase their monthly recurring revenue.”

If you’re an MSP looking to offer security solutions, Kaspersky has the solution for you. Not only do they offer robust technology that is simple to implement, but their strategy is designed to help your company grow in any direction. If you want to learn more, find out more at Kaspersky’s Partner page here.