Security Tech Talk: How Fortinet Channel Sync Is Helping Partners Better Connect With Customers

Katie Bavoso

Fortinet Channel Sync is an engaging alternative to a dry monthly newsletter about cyber threats and cybersecurity awareness.

SMB customers are notoriously hesitant to invest money from already stretched budgets into added cybersecurity costs. But it’s difficult for them to comprehend why they should pay for something they may not understand. And if your sales team doesn’t know how to break down the explanation of your offerings in the simplest way possible, they could miss out on closing a deal. That’s why Fortinet launched Channel Sync.

Fortinet Channel Sync is a monthly video series that takes complicated topics and turns them into brief, easy-to-digest videos that not only explain cyber threats and risks but also how Fortinet solutions can mitigate them. “I think a lot of us in the network security industry forget that a lot of our partners sell storage, servers, cloud, everything else. They can’t know everything about everything that we sell,” says Michael Paez, technical partner enablement trainer at Fortinet and host of Fortinet Channel Sync. “This is for the sales rep who just started, or the IT manager who is still trying to figure out why network security is a big deal.”

Paez says he wanted a more fun and engaging alternative to a boring monthly newsletter with too many buzzwords. He saw a lack of network security and cybersecurity awareness content online and started making his own. That’s how Fortinet Channel Sync was born.

“I think it makes us a more approachable,” says Paez. “The partners I’ve talked to have sent these videos out to customers, customers who don’t understand why ransomware is a big deal or what zero trust even means. These videos help out and tie it to a Fortinet solution so our partners could use that to share with their partners or their sales engineers can share with their sales reps to explain these concepts, so they can have those conversations with customers as well.”

You can find the Fortinet Channel Sync videos on YouTube and LinkedIn to educate yourself, your team or share them with your customers.

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