Security Tech Talk: Your Security Blanket Against Ransomware

Building and managing a security stack made up of disparate solutions from different vendors creates complexity, which creates gaps for bad actors to get through. Fortinet offers a single security platform with solutions that automatically integrate for a better, more streamlined approach to cybersecurity management.


As your customers’ businesses grow and disperse their technology, they become prime targets of ransomware. Their ecosystems need multiple security defenses. But building and managing a security stack made up of different solutions from multiple vendors creates complexity. More than 30 percent of an IT decision maker’s day is lost to managing workarounds and fixes.

No matter how many layers of protection you have, if they lack the ability to integrate automatically, you risk cracks forming in each of your barriers. “And that’s what we refer to as the kill chain. Anywhere there, that attack could have been stopped. But when things aren’t working together, hackers get in,” says Joel Boyd, director of SMB Solutions at Fortinet.

Instead of wasting time integrating and troubleshooting disparate solutions, choose a security platform from a single vendor like Fortinet. Control security policies, protect and monitor your client’s entire ecosystem all from a single pane of glass with solutions designed to seamlessly fit together. “Our stuff is all built off that same operating system. Which means, no matter what we’re coming with, everything just automatically talks,” says Boyd. “We did a survey not too long ago and 61 percent of large businesses said ‘I wish I’d gone with a single vendor in the first place.’”

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Plus, whether you’re a reseller, service provider or integrator, Fortinet promises partners the best deal protection and support to help you become the trusted advisor to your customers. “No matter which business model that you want to put yourself together with, we’ve got tailored training specifically for that model that’s going to help you get off the ground quickly and help you drive those revenues,” says Boyd.

When it comes to your security solutions portfolio, don’t spread yourself thin. And find out your customers’ risk of being infiltrated by ransomware right now with the Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment and immediately identify vulnerabilities in their ecosystems.