Stop Memorizing Passwords For Good

Passwords are often weak and easy to breach. Protect your clients with a solution that secures data and applications without passwords. Go passwordless with SecurID, a multifactor authentication solution from RSA Security.

Passwords are the go-to method to protect sensitive data and access applications, but research shows credentials are one of the most sought-after and fastest-compromised data types by bad actors. If your clients still rely on passwords, it may be time to approach them about going password-less—to protect their business, and yours. “I think MSPs, it’s a different ballgame for them, because now companies are dependent on them, so their brand recognition, reputation is on the line if something does happen by using passwords at all,” says Murtaza Hafizji, product marketing consultant at RSA Security.

SecurID from RSA offers an empowering, convenient and flexible multifactor authentication solution that effectively grants access to users without the use of passwords. “SecurID is the leading identity and access management solution in the world,” says Hafizji. “We offer a wide range of authentication options. So, your traditional hardware and software-based authenticators, but ones that are on people’s mobile devices, through an app. We do push notification, device biometrics, FIDO or fast identity online-based authenticators.”

Adding SecurID to your portfolio of offerings is simple. SecurID integrates with more than 500 technologies and varying operating systems. Processes that leave businesses vulnerable, like onboarding, become easier and faster, and access won’t be affected even when network connectivity is interrupted. Hafizji says, “SecurID is one of the easiest products to sell and one of the most relevant conversations to be had with your customer.”

Large-scale password management across multiple users in varied locations is costly and high risk. Begin your customers on a passwordless journey with SecurID and get the full support and training you’ll need from RSA.

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