The United Partner Experience: Outsmart Bad Actors with Kaspersky

MSPs and MSSPs have a unique opportunity to fill a growing need for automated cybersecurity tools. Choose a vendor that uses threat intelligence in every solution they make for full visibility into your clients’ networks.

Data breaches more than tripled in the first quarter of 2020, creating an opportunity for you. Because there’s a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, clients need your top security solutions more than ever. You can stay competitive by partnering with a vendor that doesn’t just stop bad actors but sees them coming.

“When you think about the traditional SOC, it’s all about visibility,” says Randall Richard, head of enterprise sales, North America at Kaspersky. Kaspersky For Security Operations Center provides truly enterprise-wide visibility into your networks. It goes beyond the conventional SOC with solutions that utilize global threat intelligence, allowing you to track and analyze threat actors’ behaviors and tactics so you can see where and when to take action. “The challenge is, once you get that full visibility to what’s going on in your environment, it could be overwhelming,” says Richard. “What we seek to do is really provide context through threat intelligence.”

Partners can also leverage Kaspersky’s threat intelligence as an independent service by integrating Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds with SIEM systems. Get real-time information and insights into new threats in the cyber threat landscape for a truly proactive approach to protecting your clients. “Kaspersky has a unique global market penetration. We’re among the first to see emerging threats,” says Richard. “Threat data feeds really provide the context that’s needed in order to understand, prioritize and then take action.”

Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds are offered separately from the Kaspersky United Partner Program and can be leveraged through a customized subscription service that matches your unique needs.

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