United Partner Experience: Expand Your Customer Base with One Vendor

Partner with a single cybersecurity vendor with solutions for businesses of any size. Kaspersky has solutions to protect all of your customers, from SMBs to enterprises.

Bad actors don’t discriminate based on business size, and neither should your cybersecurity partner. From SMBs to large enterprises, you need a partner that can help you protect all of your customers.

There are three things to remember when searching for the right cybersecurity vendor: scalability, threat intelligence and versatility.

Scalability starts with a solutions portfolio that caters to each of your clients’ unique needs. “Any company that has any form of valuable data (at least in the eyes of a bad actor) – it can come in the form of personally identifiable information, protected health information, financial data, customer data or intellectual property – they could benefit from Kaspersky solutions,” says Rob Cataldo, managing director of Kaspersky North America.

Kaspersky is expanding its focus into the enterprise market while still offering enterprise-level protection for SMBs. Kaspersky solutions are backed by decades of threat intelligence research to help you keep your clients safe, increase your customer base and grow your bottom line. “Large enterprise and MSSP-focused partners will be able to benefit by seeing increased demand for unique threat intelligence services delivered by Kaspersky, and be able to monetize that demand,” says Cataldo. “SMB-focused and MSP partners will benefit from being able to position highly automated, low complexity solutions that are very effective at preventing and/or mitigating high complexity cyberattacks.”

The Kaspersky United Partner Program offers partners versatility with the freedom to choose the specializations that best suit your existing competencies or support your future ambitions. “We are committed to enabling and training and collaborating with our partners,” Cataldo says, “but we will never lose sight of the fact that we know it’s so important for our partners to be able to grow their companies through net profits.”

Partners can explore specializations while tapping into expert support, training, marketing development funds and more through the Kaspersky United Partner Portal. There, you can also learn how to partner with Kaspersky.

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