United Partner Experience: Threat Intelligence Backed by Years of Research

Research shows most cyberattacks worldwide go unnoticed. Kaspersky provides threat intelligence reports and tools to help partners stay ahead of threat actors and cyber risks.

Cyber criminals are getting smarter, so much so that more than half of cyberattacks worldwide go unnoticed, according to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. These attacks happen faster, happen more frequently and are harder to detect. Your customers need the tools and threat intelligence to stay protected.

Managing Director, North America, for Kaspersky, Rob Cataldo, describes threat intelligence as, “Threat data that has been turned into meaningful information that adds context that can now be readily usable in a very convenient format.”

Kaspersky has invested more than two decades into its threat intelligence approach.

The Kaspersky Global Research and Analysis Team, or GReAT, is made up of more than 40 experts who collect and process data from around the globe. Kaspersky shares that information with partners. “These are intelligence reports that not only tell you what is going on, but what a threat actor is doing. There’s also a detailed breakdown of the tools, techniques and procedures, allowing you to quickly operationalize and either stop an incident that is occurring on your network or detect one,” says Ori Ammar, head of presales, North America, for Kaspersky.

Another resource for partners is Kaspersky Cybersecurity Training. Carefully developed interactive simulations teach your customers how to mitigate the greatest risk to a network: themselves. “Instead of layering up solutions and investing in cutting-edge products and more products, organizations often overlook the obvious, which is invest in the people, invest in their training,” says Ammar.

“With Kaspersky and our built-in Partner Portal, we have those trainings readily available,” says Matthew Courchesne, head of SMB and channel sales, North America, for Kaspersky.

Discover those training programs and more threat intelligence tools through the redesigned partner portal, part of the award-winning Kaspersky United Partner Program.

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