Women Of The Channel 2022

WOTC 2022

The Women of the Channel Leadership Summit East is the meeting place for women from across the IT channel who are looking to advance organizational diversity, make unmatched connections, and empower and cultivate women leaders. Attendees benefit from best-in-class thought leadership, motivational keynotes, channel trends, stimulating workshops, interactive peer panels and energizing networking opportunities ─ all focused on navigating the workplace and helping them develop their professional, corporate and personal goals.

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WOTC East 2022

WOTC 2022: Pearls Of Wisdom On Mastering Conflict, Being Authentic And Cultivating Next-Gen Leaders
‘If I had to fit in, I wouldn’t be where I am today, period, full stop. I learned how to stand out every day. What we do as humans is we try so hard to fit in. But the truth is, the value is when you stand out because that’s what people look for,’ said Dell Technologies’ Rola Dagher during her keynote at the Women of the Channel Leadership Summit East.

WOTC 2022: Here’s How Three Women In IT Invest In Their Tribe
‘There is a deliberateness of finding your tribe and investing in that tribe,’ said Tricia Atchison, vice president of worldwide engagement and experience at Citrix Systems. ‘You don‘t want to be friends with everybody, but there is sometimes just a natural tendency to who you’re drawn to. It goes back to the values and back to things that you align on.’

WOTC 2022: Four Ways To Be Effective And Get What You Want In Tech
‘I think anytime you become a leader or we become a parent, you find a lot of lessons in that as well. From that was born a mantra now in my life and my household, what I teach my kids and my team, is the only thing I expect now of myself and everyone around me is to try their hardest. I don’t really have an outcome anymore.’ says Kristi Kirby, vice president of vendor management, edge solutions at TD Synnex.

WOTC 2022: More Women In Tech Are Aiming For The C-Suite
A recent survey found that 45 percent of female respondents are interested in pursuing a C-level position and most are women under 30 years of age. That’s because representation at the top and access to opportunities and open doors are more visible today, women of the channel say.

AWS Channel Leaders On Finding And Harnessing Your Superpowers
A panel of AWS leaders discussed the superpowers they bring to the table, including emotional intelligence, resiliency, and reading a room at WOTC 2022 East this week in New York City.

WOTC 2022: How To Turn Your Company Into A ‘Talent Magnet’
‘We’re just scratching the surface. There are so many diamonds in the rough out there today and you don’t have to be a leader to pull someone up the ladder,’ one channel leader said during a panel at WOTC East 2022 this week.

WOTC West 2022, May 16-17, 2022

Evolving Company Culture: Best Practices For Inclusive Hiring With ‘Diversity As The Outcome’
Companies should focus on “culture add,” not “culture fit” when diversity is a hiring goal, said Dr. Rebecca Baumgartner, VP of Human Resources for the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, at the Women of the Channel West 2022 event.

WOTC 2022 Panel: Allyship Is A Universal Attitude
“For me, an ally means I‘m speaking in rooms that you haven’t been invited into yet. In order for me to do that, I have to feel comfortable that you’re comfortable with taking feedback as well as giving feedback.”– Larry Gilreath II, worldwide system integrators solutions architecture for AWS.

WOTC 2022: Four Tips On Finding And Being A Good Mentor
‘Whenever an opportunity arises, take it,’ Red Hat account executive Deborah Brown says at The Channel Company’s Women of The Channel Leadership Summit West conference. ‘It may not be the direction you want to go in, but it’s a stepping-stone to get you where you want to go.’

How To Create a Company Culture That’s Not Cringeworthy
‘I challenge you to think in a manner of: am I creating and contributing to a culture that I crave or culture that makes me cringe? Everything starts with you,’ says Katie Kunker, founder and CEO of The Art Of Hustle and Heart, at WOTC West 2022.

Men And Women View Hybrid Work Differently: Why Getting ‘On The Same Page’ Is Critical
57 percent of women say they have had to make more sacrifices than their partners over the last year. But 81 percent of men surveyed feel the current work environment has improved for women, according to recent research from The Channel Company.

Female Channel Executives On Taking Risks And Jumping In: ‘Not A Straight-Line Journey’
This year, CRN honors nearly 1,400 women whose channel expertise and vision are deserving of recognition.

The Most Powerful Women Of The Channel 2022: Power 100
The Power 100 is culled from the ranks of CRN’s Women of the Channel and spotlights the female executives at vendors and distributors whose insight and influence help drive channel success.

The 2022 Women of the Channel Awards
This year, CRN honors nearly 1,400 women whose channel expertise and vision are deserving of recognition.