Report: Dell May Be Going Mobile

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Raise your hand if you have heard this one before: Dell is developing a mobile device.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Dell is working to design a pocket sized mobile device that is loaded with Google's Android OS.

Sources close to the situation describe the device as being larger than Apple's iPod Touch and say that it could begin selling sometime later this year -- or the project could be dismantled entirely.

Dell has appointed Ain McKendrick, general manager of mobile Internet devices at Dell, to run the project, according to the Wall Street Journal's report. McKendrick's role, according to a Dell spokesperson, is to look at future projects for future consideration.

The move by the hardware manufacturer to develop a mobile device isn't exactly surprising. Like netbooks before it, Dell is following the prevailing wind in the market and looking to turn a quick buck. Mobile devices -- be it a smartphone, music player or anything else -- have quickly turned into cash cows for manufacturers.

But Dell's strategy in the mobile device market appears to be somewhat confused. There have been reports circulating since March that Dell is planning to make a smartphone, but nothing has come to fruition yet.

The vendor has also been reportedly working with Google's Android OS for netbooks since May. But, like its smartphone project, there have been no developments to speak of.

So, while the company may be working internally to develop a piece of hardware that fits in the pocket and competes with Apple's iPhone or iPod Touch, that doesn't mean anything will necessarily blossom into a fully fledged product offering.

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