Caught On Tape: Vista Beta Takes On Novell's Linux Desktop

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Microsoft has had product delays before but never, it seems, has it faced this much pressure.

Novell's current beta version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 - set for general availability next month - has some believing it will be the strongest competitor to the Windows platform in years. And its price point that will make more than a few eyes pop.

But don't take my word for it. Frank Ohlhorst, director of CRN Labs, put a system with the current beta of Vista next to a system running a current beta of SLED 10, and the result is found on this week's video report on CRN TV, which you can find by clicking the big, blue button at

Our report, in text, can be found here.

You can see for yourself how each interface looks next to the other, how the functionality of each looks next to each other and listen to Frank's rundown on the pros and cons of each operating system. The upshot: SLED 10 keeps pace in most areas with Vista, but will come to market at about $50 per seat including a copy of Open Office. Some solution providers wonder whether support issues can stand in the way of SLED 10's early adoption " and those issues should be considered seriously.

But in an era when the likes of Lenovo, HP and Dell are beating each other up in a bloody price war, a $50 operating system might be too attractive to ignore.

What do you think?

Watch the video at, and email me any comments you may have. I'll report back on what you have to say.

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