Cybersecurity Week 2023

Cybersecurity Week 2023

The breakneck pace of change in the world of cybersecurity has continued in 2023, just as the cyberthreats themselves have continued to evolve and intensify. For CRN’s Cybersecurity Week 2023, we’ve put together a series of articles tackling both the changing threat landscape as well as how security industry tools and trends are responding to the threats.

For instance, data from security vendors including SonicWall shows that ransomware overall has seen a decline, as some attackers switch to data theft and extortion-only attacks. At the same time, “the number of attacks still is staggering,” SonicWall CEO Bob VanKirk told CRN. Attackers are proving, once again, that “they will quickly pivot to where the opportunity is,” VanKirk said.

For Cybersecurity Week 2023, we’ll be focusing on increasingly critical areas including new hacker tactics, cloud security and cyber insurance. We’ll also be looking at what partners need to know about zero trust security. And to conclude the series, we’ll be analyzing the impacts of generative AI on cybersecurity from a number of different angles.

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