Dell Technologies World 2021 Digital Experience News

Dell Technologies World Digital Experience

Thousands of customers, channel partners and executives are set to attend Dell Technologies World Digital Experience 2021 to learn about the vision and market strategy ahead for the $94 billion IT giant.

The virtual conference runs from May 5-6.

5 Reasons Why Dell Apex Beats Public Clouds: Jeff Clarke
‘We have built [Apex] to deliver the very model and the very set of capabilities that customers have received from the public cloud, yet give them all of the agility and the control that they desire to have without having to be forced to move data from on-premise to off-premise to control the things that they want,’ says Dell Technologies Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman Jeff Clarke.

Michael Dell, Sanjay Poonen: VMware Spin-Off To ‘Drive Growth’
‘We believe deeply in the better together power of these two great companies. Plus, I’ll remain chairman of both companies and you can be sure I’ll be working to ensure the partnership only continues to grow,’ says Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell.

Michael Dell’s 5 Biggest Remarks On VMware, Apex: Dell Tech World
CRN breaks down Michael Dell’s five boldest statements during his Dell Technologies World keynote today regarding its VMware partnership ahead, new Apex and the future of Dell.

VMware Teams With Microsoft, IBM, Equinix To Tackle Climate Change
‘Through this program, we will help drive VMware Cloud Partner data centers powered by 100 percent renewable energy sources by 2030,’ says VMware’s channel chief, Sandy Hogan.

Dell Technologies World 2021: 6 Biggest Product Launches
From a new edge reference architecture and Apex to a new partnership with Equinix, here are the eight biggest announcements today at Dell Technologies World 2021.

Dell Apex Takes On HPE GreenLake, Public Clouds
‘Dell is coming in with a second, but better strategy with Apex,’ says Scott Winslow, president of Winslow Technology Group.

Dell Apex: The New Way Channel Partners Will Make Money
With Apex, Dell Technologies delivers, owns, and maintains the infrastructure in most cases. CRN breaks down how channel partners can make bank with Apex.