MSPs Say Remote Work, Security Are Fueling Their Cloud Business

CRN Staff

Even with cloud computing seeming ubiquitous, there is still opportunity for MSPs to sell customers cloud services and help them optimize their existing investment. Here’s what MSPs tell CRN about how they’re forging ahead.

Leonard Ozoemena


Compass Solutions

Washington, D.C. 

Obviously, in the aftermath of the pandemic, I think that the workplace has been becoming redefined. Companies are beginning to wonder whether they’re more productive, having remote situations or hybrid situations versus being on-premises.

And a lot of people, increasingly, are beginning to realize that you can really be productive in a mobile situation. Of course, a key technology that makes that possible is the cloud. For that reason, people are beginning to look at the cloud in a very serious way.

So it’s really about, to a certain degree, remote working.

Brian Bakkila

Sales Operations Manager

Applied Innovation

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Part of it is about the remote workforce, taking ways customers have worked on-premises in the past—whether that’s files or authentication, those sorts of things—and wanting to be able to map those into the cloud and have more flexibility in the future.

In the last several years, I have heard how a lot of businesses have wanted to make sure they’re more flexible and how they can employ team members as well as how they can work [more efficiently].

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