Ingram Micro Newsroom 2022

Ingram Micro Xvantage

With Ingram Micro's new Xvantage digital experience platform -- the most ambitious development project the distributor has ever undertaken -- the company is enabling thousands of solution providers with big data insight they can use to recommend new breakthrough solutions to customers.

The new plaform is the result of 15 months of work and a $550 million investment just to lay the foundation. Ingram Micro is seeking to give its solution providers and vendor partners a dramatic advantage in the market.

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, Xvantage provides a personalized experience with data insight tailored to each of Ingram Micro's solution providers and their customers. That's on top of the real-time transactional benefits such as up-to-the-minute order status, proactive renewal tracking, product and subscription billing, and customer service capabilities.

Gaining The Xvantage: Ingram Micro Brings Big Data To Partners
Ingram Micro CEO Paul Bay says the company’s new digital experience platform will make it easier for partners to do business with the distributor and deliver the insight to propel their conversations with customers into the future.

Ingram Micro CEO Paul Bay: ‘Our People, Our Experience And Our Execution Are What Differentiate Us Today’
“It’s not like we’re just starting this journey,” said Bay. “We made a real company investment both organically and through acquisition to set that foundation to help us accelerate what we’re going to do with Xvantage.”

Delivering Business Outcomes: Ingram Micro Helps Partners Bridge The Gaps In Their Services Offerings
Ingram Micro is helping partners make the transition to a services-led strategy, no matter how far along they are in their journey to deliver the right business outcome to their customers.

Finding The Best Fit: The Emerging Business Partners And New-To-The-Channel Vendors
Ingram Micro’s Emerging Business Group connects partners with vendors that are new to the channel or to distribution, setting everyone up for success.

Sanjib Sahoo On Digital Operations Vs. Digital And The Power Of The Xvantage Platform
Ingram Micro vice president Sanjib Sahoo says the company’s new Xvantage platform will “create a completely new experience” for partners to do business with the distributor.

Ingram Micro’s Community Spirit: Partner Collaboration Is Key
Ingram Micro partners are turning to the distributor’s community groups for guidance from their peers as they grapple with the “new channel normal.”

Ingram Micro’s Asset Disposition Services Help Partners Take Out The Recycling
Ingram Micro is starting to see more and more partners come to the distributor because they don’t have the resources to perform IT asset disposition in-house.

Game On: Ingram Micro Helps Partners Break Into An Untapped Market
Ingram Micro is seeing a big opportunity for solution providers to tap into its gaming portfolio to help people work, live and play better.

DEI, ESG Are Central To Ingram Micro’s Culture: ‘Our Success Is All About People’
Ingram Micro is laser-focused on environmental, social and governance and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

5 Ways Ingram Micro Is Upping Its Game For Partners
Ingram Micro’s Kirk Robinson outlines five ways the distributor is putting partners in a better position to grow their business.

Ingram Micro’s Marketing Message To Partners: Embrace Your Brand
“What we’re seeing is our partners embracing their brand and what they represent and who they are as a company,” said Jennifer Anaya, Ingram Micro’s senior vice president of global marketing. “You can replicate a lot of things in terms of skills or systems or tools that you use. But you really can’t replicate who you have on your team that has the expertise and the relationships and the knowledge that they bring.”

‘Get To Yes:’ Ingram Micro’s Creative Financing For A Cloud And Managed Services World
Ingram Micro has moved to provide partners with the financial tools to address the business change from straight hardware sales at fixed credit terms to SaaS and managed services.

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