Internet Of Things Week 2018

CRN presents Internet Of Things Week 2018.

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The Internet of Things is poised for another wave of growth as technology giants and enterprises plan to spend hundreds of billions of dollars in connecting a variety of devices, from machine shop tools to ambient light sensors, to improve productivity and optimize physical spaces.

International spending in IoT is expected to reach $772.5 billion this year, according to IDC, with the manufacturing, transportation and utilities estimated to represent nearly half of that total. "By 2021, more than 55% of spending on IoT projects will be for software and services," IDC's report said. Meanwhile, Ericsson predicts there will be 3.5 billion IoT cellular connections by 2023.

CRN's IoT Week will dive into how technology vendors and solution providers are positioning themselves in the IoT space and where they see the next big opportunities. This week's coverage will take a look at blockchain's applicability in IoT, channel-ready IoT products, the data privacy and security concerns creating by a growing IoT market, as well as 5G and other emerging wireless technologies that will help IoT grow.

6 Tech Execs On The Blockchain Opportunity In IoT

Executives at Cisco, AT&T, Google and Comtech said they believe blockchain has potential in Internet of Things deployments, but some of them, including executives at Software AG, cautioned that it shouldn't be seen as a silver bullet.

7 Top Tech Execs On The Next Big Opportunities In IoT

Executives and product leaders at Google, Cisco, Juniper, AT&T, Avnet, Cambium Networks and Comtech tell CRN where the next big opportunities are in the Internet of Things market.

6 Channel-Friendly IoT Offerings That Solution Providers Should Check Out

Internet of Things solutions from SAP, JouleIQ, Buddy, Iconics, Sigfox and Clearblade help solution providers address vertical industries and use cases, from smart lighting and manufacturing to physical product management and prototype development.

As IoT Devices Ramp Up, Tech Execs Expect 'Societal Calibration' On Privacy

For Mike Marcellin, CMO of Juniper Networks, events like the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the passing of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation will lead to a "societal calibration on what we believe is personal data, what should be shared, on what terms it should be shared."

5 Companies That Are Racing To Build IoT Networks

These five companies are looking to get their own cut of the tens of millions of connected devices coming online in the next five years.