YouTube Launches Testing Feature For Grouping Videos By Topic

This week YouTube also unveiled its new YouTube Remote software that let's users of Android devices control the Google TV YouTube application.

The test feature organizes videos into "topics" on its TestTube site where YouTube engineers and developers try out new applications. The topic categories are developed based on analysis of viewing and sharing patterns, comments and other indicators.

The new feature is designed to make it easier for people browsing through YouTube to discover videos they are unaware of, rather than searching for videos they already know exist. But YouTube has not said when -- or if -- the feature will be integrated into the main YouTube site.

The new YouTube Remote feature lets owners of smartphones based on Google's Android mobile operating system use the device as a remote control for the Google-owned video site.

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YouTube Remote creates a virtual connection between the phone and YouTube Leanback, the technology YouTube debuted in July that makes it easier for users to access video streams automatically tailored to their individual preferences.