New OpsRamp Software Offers Partners Sales Cycle Benefits

The new self-service trial edition of OpsRamp’s IT operations monitoring and management platform can be quickly implemented, allowing solution providers to demonstrate the software’s capabilities and value.

OpsRamp has released a new self-service trial edition of its IT digital operations monitoring and management platform that partners say will help them shorten their sales cycles.

The company says the trial edition can be implemented in less than an hour to provide discovery, monitoring, alerting and dashboarding capabilities for cloud infrastructure services. The trial edition is free for 14 days.

“For solutions-based discussions, there needs to be some seeing, not just telling,” said Ryan Foulk, founder and managing principal of Foulk Consulting, a Livonia, Mich.-based solutions provider, talking about working with prospective customers. “This makes the ability to sell their software a lot easier,” he said in an interview with CRN

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OpsRamp, founded in 2014 and based in San Jose, Calif., is a provider of next-generation tools for monitoring modern IT infrastructure and operational cloud systems. The company’s platform provides hybrid infrastructure discovery and monitoring, event and incident management, and remediation and automation capabilities.

In June OpsRamp, which sells exclusively through the channel, announced a number of updates to its partner program including a new profit-sharing model, expanded co-marketing and lead sharing, more comprehensive sales assistance, and additional sales and technical training. That followed the appointment of Paul Brodie, previously with Virtana, as the company’s new channel chief.

The new trial version of the platform provides cloud and cloud-native monitoring for more than 160 services on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform. Other capabilities include alerting, customizable dashboards, pre-loaded Google Cloud Platform resources, and guided and automated onboarding.

“For too long, IT operations management vendors have made the process of choosing and using their solutions a cumbersome process. Buyers have been confronted with expensive, patched-together solutions that require lengthy deployment cycles along with long-term maintenance contracts,” said Michael Fisher, OpsRamp product management director, in a statement.

“We are applying a new, DevOps-like model to cloud ops management built around ease-of-set up and ease-of-use. We think IT operators will opt for a modern solution that allows them to discover, monitor and manage their cloud and container environments in a matter of minutes.”

OpsRamp also touted the value of the trial version for the company’s resellers, saying it offers an easy, on-demand way to showcase the OpsRamp platform to their prospective customers.

Foulk Consulting began working with OpsRamp last year, providing the OpsRamp platform as part of its portfolio of solutions and services in IT operational management and process improvement, DevOps, and application delivery, monitoring and performance testing.

Ryan Foulk said he turned to OpsRamp because of growing demand for monitoring and management tools for cloud IT and Software-as-a-Service applications. “We are constantly looking for ways to ensure that monitoring and governance continue in a DevOps and Agile landscape,” he said.

Foulk said one of OpsRamp’s advantages is the ability to quickly get it implemented and running. The new trial edition and related free 14-day offer takes that to the next level: Solution providers like Foulk can now implement and demonstrate OpsRamp’s capabilities and benefits during a sales call, he said.

“This is a useful way to immediately show that inherent value [and] make the sales cycle go faster,” Foulk said.