Red Hat Releases OpenShift Enterprise 3

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Red Hat's President of Worldwide Products and Technologies Paul Cormier lauded the release of two products during the second day of the2015 Summit in Boston-- the Atomic Enterprise Platform and OpenShift Enterprise 3.

"The combination of these platforms now bring the capability of containers to any enterprise with manageability, life cycle, security, and development tools and services. From apps development to operations, they’ll embrace all the needs for commercial deployment," Cormier said.

Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform runs and scales multicontainer applications and services on the Linux platform. Partners can apply to be a member of an Early Access Program, with the platform to be fully released at a later date.

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OpenShift Enterprise 3 is the newest version of Red Hat's Platform-as-a-Service technology, and it shifts the platform to Docker containers -- open-source technology available for virtualization. It is available today for partners and customers.

"These are some of the most exciting products that we've brought to the market this year, and we're very excited about these products," Cormier said.